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Using the right Hashtags – Instagram Marketing 2019

Growing an Instagram from the ground up can be a hassle. Many people that start trying to use Instagram for their business end up giving up very quickly due to the slow growth they’re seeing. There are ways to grow an Instagram account fast, without having to pay for “followers” that are really just Bots. Let’s discuss how to use Instagram Marketing more effectively, through the right hashtags.

What #Hashtags actually do

Hashtags are a way to help new people find your content. Every time you post a photo with a Hashtag, Instagram will then show it to people when they look up that specific hashtag, giving you a great way to grow your following organically.

What NOT to do with Hashtags

Now, there are a lot of places out there that will tell you that you should use hashtags like #likeforlike or #followforfollow, while these may provide a temporary boost in your statistics, they will not be good for you long term. Also, any real customers that see this, will instantly distrust you, since it looks like you tried to cheat your way into a better standing. A better alternative will be to grow your following organically, or through the use of ads, we’ll discuss both here in a second.

Organically Grow an Audience

The best way, as mentioned before, to grow an audience organically is to use hashtags. The biggest thing about this though, is you want to choose the right hashtag to be able to get the exposure that you need. A good idea is to pick more niche hashtags that are smaller, ie less then 500k. Once you start to get more then that, there’s too many people posting at the same time, which will make it so that your post is not seen. When you post to these smaller hashtags, you get the chance to be able to interact with the people that follow the hashtag, and will be able to get better engaging followers.

Gaining Followers Through Ads.

Now, the way that most people will go, if they have the money, will be to buy ads to promote their brand. This is a great option to be able to grow. It’ll help get more followers onto your account, and will help attract more organic followers to join as well. Look out for an article coming soon about the best way to set up ads on Instagram for 2019!


Gaining a lot of Instagram followers for the year 2019 is still very much possible and can be done from no followers. The most important things to remember is to post quality info often, and to make sure to included these 100k-500k hashtags to be able to get the maximum amount of exposure. If you’re looking for ways to grow your website traffic make sure to check out this article about the Top 7 Ways To Increase Website Traffic.

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